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I solve business problems with strategic creativity and imagination.
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Adidas, Red Bull, Playstation, YouTube, Toyota WRC, FIBA, Google, DAZN, HSBC, Converse, Chevrolet, IBM, COI, Mini, Oakley, GE, Channel 4, Cadbury's, PSFK

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Kurt Russell // Blade Runner // Morricone // Orson Welles // Tea // Nintendo // Making music // Charlie Brooker // Adam Curtis // Black Sabbath // Simon Schama // Great architecture // Lasers // The School of Life // Bass // Picasso // Problem solving // Edgar Wright // Michael Marshall Smith // Douglas Adams // Thomas Heatherwick's UK pavilion // Heavy beats // Kubrick // Jonathan Glazer // Synthesizers // Ricky Gervais // That scene in Jaws where they share scars

Moaners // Unnecessary sequels that tarnish the original // Writing in the third person // Persistent software updates // No milk // Wires // Trailers for trailers // Bullshit // Seeing anything to do with Christmas when it’s not Christmas

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Articulate, passionate and original, Hayden is one of the finest creative thinkers I’ve had the privilege to work with and learn from. A triple threat of smart strategy, B.I.G. ideas, and a knack for getting the most out of creative talent, Hayden’s work always marries clear communication with design excellence. From the client boardroom to the corner pub, you want this man in the mix.
Stephen Horner - Digital Art Director / Design Lead

Attention to detail doesn't express it enough! Hayden's enthusiasm and pride for creating high-end digital campaigns is infectious and has influenced the way I work and manage others. He has the ability to recognise and call on the talents in the team around him to yield the best possible results, in addition to his own design and conceptual skills which are excellent. On a personal note, he is a welcoming and thoughtful guy and I hope our paths cross again the future.
Adam Hengstberger – Clemenger BBDO

Hayden is a creative dynamo. His enthusiasm for the creative task at hand is infectious. Everything he does, he does with passion and conviction. Every task, no matter what size, is worthy of proper thought and creative process. He is hungry to do great things.
Tom Dowuona-Hyde – Planning Director / Writer / Director

Hayden is a rare commodity in advertising - a true all-rounder. He thinks broadly, always looking for logic and sense in an idea, and is a good interrogator of any brief. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who cares more passionately about creating the best possible solution - whatever the job, Hayden really pushes himself. I've worked with him on some very challenging briefs; challenging on time, budget and desired outcome - and despite the pressure, he's been prolific in delivering a raft of quality ideas and designs. He also makes sweet beats.
Alastair Mills – Creative Director, writer & film maker

Being a producer on Hayden's projects is an absolute pleasure simply because of the quality outcome. It's not just the conceptual quality, but the pixel perfect detail that I have always appreciated. Hayden is on top of my creative short list.
Michal Gondkovsky – Senior Digital Producer

Hayden is a fantastic creative and a enthusiastic character all around. From the moment his CV jumped out at me, until the day I left, he continued to defy expectations. Look out ad scene, one to watch here!
Ian Cassidy – Senior Director, Services @ Sprinklr

I simply can't top any of these well crafted recommendations, but can wholeheartedly agree. I'd buy him. A+
Nick Clement – Creative Director, Designer & Glug Founder