Toyota Gazoo Racing return to WRC

Toyota used to own the WRC. Then they quit. Now, 17 years later, they are back. Hungrier than ever. This film was was used to celebrate their return on TGR's social media across Europe. Fan response was excellent. The promo got over 300k views through various social channels. I'm told this is good for rally content.

hayden peek - Toyota - Dust
hayden peek - Toyota - Ignite

The 2017 Yaris sounds epic. It's all fire and fury. You'll hear it before you see it. To bring this visceral energy and sonic excitement to life, we developed a unique typographic style. The cool bit? The animation is generated by the sound of the 2017 Yaris. Mario Epsley and Tom Balchin put a sound file into their software and tweaked the parameters until the type looked like it was a flame being spat out of an exhaust.

hayden peek - Toyota - Hunger
hayden peek - ToyotaWRC
hayden peek - Toyota - Air
hayden peek - Toyota - Push the limits
hayden peek - toyota - fly

Creative Lead: Hayden Peek
Creative Director: Gareth Leeding
Editorial: Cara Howard
Producer: Ben Murray-Watson
Research Producer: Antony Green
Editor: Luke Bradford
Typography & Motion GFX: Mario Epsley and Tom Balchin
Music and Sound Design: Silence & Air
Client team: Flo Ospici and Benoit Prunier
Grade: Cheat It
Agency: We Are Social
Client: Toyota WRC Europe